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About Us

Perfact Facility Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Perfact Facility Solutions has earned a reputation as a leader in the facilities industry.

We work hard to be at a leading position in the security industry in India. We provide quality service at competitive prices, we always have the discipline to give good results to our existing customers, and we will provide a safe environment through our security guards.

We do our best to set a high standard in all aspects of security guard services. We form mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers. You will recognize our work first, and then appreciate it.

We are successful because of the individual contributions made by each of our employees. We have the necessary skills, competence and commitment to deliver quality service to customers.

To take the first step towards an exceptional security within an exceptional company, fill out the application.

All our security guards are highly qualified in the industry sector. And they are reliable and very professional.

All our guards are connected to each other. We are available 24/7 to meet the needs of our customers.

We are always ready to serve our customers best. And we continuously monitor our employees to ensure this. So that we can provide you a professional service.

We always give 100% satisfaction to the customer. And we guarantee you the best service.